PRESS EDITORIAL: They died in service to one of their country’s freedoms

We mourn our fellow journalists, the five reporters who were murdered in the newsroom of The Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Md.

Police said the man who was arrested for shooting the reporters bore a grudge against the newspaper because it had published a news story reporting his conviction by a Maryland court for criminal harassment.    

And so it seems the two women and three men were killed because their newspaper had done what newspapers exist to do—report factual information about the people and institutions of its community.

The victims were professionals working in what has come to be known as the mainstream media, the term used to describe traditional news organizations like The Capital Gazette, a daily community newspaper.

People have been irritated, angered or outraged by published news reports since the invention of the printing press, but in these times, perhaps, more than ever. “Mainstream media” is now a pejorative term in some circles. Journalists have been disparaged by the president as “enemies of the state” and mocked and even assaulted at campaign rallies.

Like their newspaper peers all over the country, the reporters of The Capital Gazette labored not in the anonymous reaches of the internet, as do some who now claim news media status, but in the open, working day after day in their community with no agenda other than to find the news and report it as accurately as possible.

We salute them for their service to their community and to a nation dedicated by its founders to freedom of information.


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