LETTERS: Filling prisons no substitute for sensible gun control laws

To Ozaukee Press:

The enactment of sensible gun control laws is a frightening prospect to the NRA and its supporters, so they promote the rule of law—just lock up the offenders—as a remedy for gun violence. But until we have impulse control, we need gun control.

Nearly half the shootings occur during arguments, and thanks to lax gun laws keeping firearms close at hand, we see a lot of these. Unfortunately, the Wisconsin GOP Legislature wants to make access to

guns even easier. This is a stupid way to handle gun violence, and a reminder of how fortunate we are that Wisconsin voters re-elected Gov. Tony Evers.

So we lock ‘em up. I don’t know about you, but I could not care less if someone is doing 10 years if I have a bullet in me for life.

Republican candidates said they wanted to get tough on crime, but then said they wanted to slash taxes. So how do we pay for the prisons, police and DAs to prosecute these offenders?

Look at our neighbor Minnesota. It has  roughly the same population and levels of violent crime as Wisconsin. However, they incarcerate far fewer people in their state correctional system than we do.

For a party that is so stingy when it comes to spending, why does the GOP blow so much money on prisons? It is time for fresh thinking on crime and punishment.

Keith R. Schmitz



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