LETTER: What has changed is not guns but this society’s respect for life

To Ozaukee Press:

A recent letter to the editor published in Ozaukee Press called for banning semi-auto firearms from public use and stated that citizens have no right to full-auto firearms. The letter writer also mentioned that semi-auto guns can discharge hundreds of rounds in a few seconds. (I’d love to see the finger that can do that!) The firing rate of the M4 (current military version of the AR-15) is 700-970 rounds per minute. Standard magazine is 30 rounds, so the actual rate is lower, accounting for reloading.

Semi-auto firearms are not new; handguns have been around since 1894, rifles since 1885, shotguns since 1902.  The Browning Hi-Power came out in 1935 with a standard capacity of 15 rounds, not the currently politically correct 10. 

Full auto weapons are legal to own if you can pass federal, state and local background checks and convince the local law enforcement agency you have a good reason to want one and that you will store it safely. You will also need $20,000 or more to get your hands on one if you can find one for sale at a class three dealer. Automatic weapons have been regulated since National Firearms Act of 1934; Reagan limited the total number of those weapons allowed to be privately owned when he signed the Firearm Owners Protection Act in the mid-1980s.

When the Second Amendment was written, citizens could own better firearms than

the government used—rifles that were more accurate at a greater distance than

muskets. District of Columbia v. Heller confirmed an individual’s right to own a firearm.

If semi-autos with a capacity greater than 10 rounds are nothing new, what

has changed? Society, with life having been cheapened over the last few generations. Respect is gone­, for oneself, as well as others, and also for law and order. The object is being blamed, not the operator of it.

People were once seen as created in God’s image, with an eternal soul. Life was precious from conception till death from old age. Evolution has changed that and God has been kicked out of school, as well as the public square. Millions have been aborted since Roe v. Wade in the 1970s. Hollywood’s offerings and video games have become ever more violent. “Death with dignity,” a.k.a. physician assisted suicide, is gaining ground. And the left’s marchers are calling for death to cops. Discipline your kid, and risk going to court for abuse. And we wonder why the inmates are running the asylum?

Tim Vander Waal

Cedar Grove


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