LETTER: Voters will choose leaders who protect life from gun bloodshed

To Ozaukee Press:

 Tim Vander Waal’s well-written letter in April 19 issue of Ozaukee Press with the headline, “What has changed is not guns but this society’s respect for life,” made some valid points. 

However, America’s recent bombing of Syria (most nations considered it a necessary deterrent to Syria’s horrific use of chemical weapons, even on its own children) proves Vander Waal’s contention that “guns (or weapons) have not changed” is off the mark.

Those tomahawk missiles used in this attack are certainly vastly more effective than weapons used in previous conflicts. And the high-powered weapons used in America’s multiple killings over the past year are much more deadly than a pistol, as deadly as that weapon can also be.

My two younger brothers (one a Marine veteran and the other a Navy veteran) and my grand-nephew (a Navy SEAL veteran) and many veterans I’ve talked with over the years, as well as many hunters in our state, have in a sizable majority stated that assault-type weapons belong to the military, not in the hands of private citizens. For  most Americans, this is simply common sense in action.

Those thousands of high school and college-age students who are marching for reasonable gun restrictions are truly savvy souls. And they will grow only stronger and more numerous as this election year goes on. And whether this leadership is provided by the younger generation or the older generations, there is a common swell of strong conviction that the time has finally come for reasonable gun control. 

This has nothing to do with violating the Second Amendment. Nobody is advocating taking away guns for self-protection or hunting. Wise voters are simply saying that high-velocity semi-automatic rifles with large magazine capacities are not needed for self-protection. 

As usual, America’s greatest president said it best in his Gettysburg Address of 1863, “That government of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish from the earth.”

Nowhere does Lincoln mention party —red, blue or independent—in this classic statement. People of integrity always rise above mere party politics and vote for what is truly beneficial for the common good. In this election year, savvy voters, both of the younger and older generations, will vote for leaders and laws that protect human life from wholesale bloodshed.

Let’s all join in unison as we sing together that rousing refrain, “When the saints go marching in, we all want to be in that number.”

Father Guy Gurath



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