LETTER: Trump has destroyed all that Statue of Liberty stands for

To Ozaukee Press:

The “invasion” of violent people attempting to gain asylum in the U.S. now occurring at the Mexican border is nothing more than a police riot. Believe what you want, but our naive, narcissistic, mud-slinging, lying president has used his position to prepare our hopelessly divided nation for yet another scripted story of deceit.

Trump has spent a great deal of effort and his sick talent for calling others out for his own behavior trying to make us believe we are going to experience a Hispanic attempt to throw our country into lawless chaos.

Trump is scared to death that his persona is about to be exposed for the entire world to see, so he is creating crisis after crisis while denying the real crises his presidency has brought us. He has lashed out at democracy by lighting fires of discontent and false claims with such rapidity and disregard for the facts that nobody has time to put them all out before another appears.     

He has a fan base made up of those who ignore facts for personal gain and those who never achieved the ability to think for themselves. He is the bully on the playground who only knows how to use eggs by throwing them at passing cars and blaming it on the chickens that lay them.

A president is supposed to lead his country through times of strife, not lead them into it. He has brazenly taken a world teetering on the edge of war and chipped away the guardrails of understanding and peaceful coexistence. He openly praises the despotic leaders of oppressed peoples and falsely criticizes leaders of nations that have proven their friendship to the U.S. throughout our history.

He shows false support for our troops who daily place their lives in danger, while refusing to visit them out of fear for his safety.

The Statue of Liberty should be removed because Trump has destroyed everything it stands for.

If we can send thousands of troops to our southern border to repel an attack that isn’t really happening, then perhaps we can send thousands of Americans there to help process those who deserve asylum.         

After all, if you are white like me, your ancestors came here seeking a better life and freedom from oppression too.

Robert Hoefs



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