LETTER: Recall aimed at packing School Board to push political agenda

To Ozaukee Press:

Politics have no place in the Mequon-Thiensville School Board, but there’s reason to believe that the group currently trying to recall four of its members is using a disingenuous, bait-and-switch strategy to garner signatures, while concealing their true goal—to pack our School Board with members who would serve their own political agenda. Their message to the public is that the recall is justified because of declining grades, but their “proof” falls apart under closer scrutiny, as do their unsubstantiated claims concerning CRT in our schools.

Look no further than this group’s social media pages, filled with political rhetoric, for proof that their motivations are purely political. They’ve even issued an appeal urging followers to find and support conservatives to run for School Board positions. Then comes the disturbing statement that together they will win this war.

This is troubling, but the not-so-subtle hints at future illegal, possibly violent and destructive acts go well past that point. For the good of our children and our community, we must keep our children out of their war. The first step is keeping politics out of our School Board.

This group has offered no plan to improve academics and that might be because they don’t actually have one. Consider the harmful repercussions of removing highly qualified School Board members to replace them with inexperienced candidates who were hand picked by this politically motivated group and would use their positions to serve a political agenda, instead of our children’s education and well-being.

In the name of keeping our school district the shining example of excellence that has attracted so many of us to this community, don’t take the bait.

Gene Kotlyarsky



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