LETTER: Political talk at the fair shows the dumbing down of America


I was one of many volunteers at the Democratic Party tent at the Ozaukee County Fair. Many people stopped by and supported us, and some just wanted to debate the issues, which was all great. Many young people stopped by, and some wanted their picture taken next to the cardboard cutouts we had of Biden and Harris.

But, as usual, there were a few people who felt the need to disrupt the flow of people into our tent. I had discussions with three people who had only twisted facts and opinions.

One individual argued that the farmers are going broke because of Biden. I reminded him that our State Sen. Duey Stroebel had received $65,000 in farm subsidies but doesn’t own a farm. Our senator also had not paid any taxes for two years. This person temporarily left the scene.

The second person was a Vietnam veteran who insisted that all Democrats spit on us when we came home. As a Vietnam veteran who has marched in several states, I said that I knew that many of the people doing the spitting were not then or now Democrats. Eventually, after shutting down all of his arguments, we agreed to disagree and shook hands and parted ways.

The third person stated she does not read or listen to any mainstream media. Her claims were that the vaccine was a hoax and doesn’t work. I reminded her that it was the previous administration that got the vaccine developed and the president took the vaccine himself. All of which was  dismissed under the umbrella of “we really don’t know that to be true.”

About this time the first person returned, declaring that the stock market is down, gas prices are up and unemployment is up, all due to the current administration. I mentioned that facts from the Department of Labor, the Wall Street Journal and mainstream media disputed his claims. He responded that facts could not be trusted because those entities were all run by foreigners.

Here is my summary of the day’s events: When did America get so dumbed down that some cannot believe in science or facts?

Ted Poull



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