LETTER: A pandemic is not a time to play blame-the-media game

To Ozaukee Press:

I found it interesting to read the two letters to the editor in last week’s Ozaukee Press that blamed the news media for the current concern over the novel coronavirus.

Both writers praised Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who as far as I know is not an expert in infectious diseases.

One writer went so far as to give us advice on proper hygiene, which we all have already been given by the news media, which the writer went on to criticize.                                                           

 The print and broadcast news media only report the news.

The media did not cancel the concerts, sporting events or close the theaters.

The media did not close the schools, bars, restaurants or limit the size of social gatherings.

But throughout this crisis the news media have kept us well informed about the virus itself, the government response and the various closings and postponements.

For that we should all be grateful.                                  

One letter writer even hypothesized what a socialist leader would do in the current situation.

The Trump administration and Senate Republicans are working on a $1-trillion economic bailout, including $50 billion for the airline industry.

They also plan to send checks of $1,000 or more to the majority of American adults.

Could it be that Donald Trump is a socialist? It will be interesting to see how many Trump voters cash their checks and keep the money.

Or will they send it back to the government to reduce the deficit? Or donate it all to charity?                                       

It is sad to see that Donald Trump’s demonizing of the media has registered with some people.

But in the midst of the current pandemic, we need the news media more than ever.                                                                          

James Korthals



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