LETTER: One day a movie will tell all about those crooked Clintons

To Ozaukee Press:

In a trailer to promote the movie “Chappaquiddick,” the incident involving Ted Kennedy is billed as a cover-up. It was a unique cover-up for the time because it had the assistance of the news media that conspired by not digging harder for the facts.  Indeed, there was still enough information available that any news junkie with a little common sense knew that Ted Kennedy was guilty of much more than leaving the scene of an accident. By ignoring the implications of abandoning Mary Jo Kopechne to die in a submerged car, Kennedy’s political supporters allowed their hero to continue his career as if nothing happened.

After the Clintons and Obamas are deceased, there will be another expose involving Bengazi, the Clintons, Obama, and Russian collusion. The plot will be even more intriguing and riveting than “Chappaquiddick.” There will be FBI obfuscation, a corrupt justice department and the Clinton Foundation. 

The Trump character plays the part of a president who stepped into a rat’s nest of Clintonites trying to undo his election to avoid exposing their illicit activities.  As with “Chappaquiddick,” this movie will be about a cover-up because traditional media refused to investigate the leads. Again, there are enough facts out there for anyone with common sense, a little curiosity, and a willingness to look past the liberal media to figure out what is not being reported. 

The Clintonites and Obamanistas are burying their heads in the sand by refusing to look at anything but what the fake news outlets want them to see. When the movie eventually debuts, uninformed leftists will be totally amazed when they go to the theater and find out what really happened. And what a thriller it will be!

Dennis Gasper



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