LETTER: The left twists facts to make them fit the liberal narrative

To Ozaukee Press:

The left continues to twist the facts, the way things are done, and attempts to change what does not fit the narrative.

When attempts are made to keep elections free from fraud and illegal activities, they label it voter suppression. Most would call that keeping the elections the most honest in the world. Requiring ID and proof of where you reside does just that.

The various ways the left tries to sway elections is way more dangerous. Drop boxes, clerks “correcting”  ballots, Democratic cities going out of their way to get people out to vote, nursing home employees voting on behalf of residents who are not legally allowed to vote. It just goes on and on.

It is kind of amazing that the left is only concerned about gerrymandering when Republicans do it. Truth is, both sides do it when they have majority. The person from West Bend who wrote a recent letter to the editor published in Ozaukee Press was upset over candidates that do not accept election results.

Was she referring to those on the left that did not accept Trump’s election for the past six years? Numerous false coup attempts. Russian collusion. The riots that burned our cities. The attempted assassination of a Supreme Court justice. The dog and pony shows in congress in attempt to keep him from running again. The raid on his residence to confiscate papers he has a constitutional right to, the same ones he had access to while in office. The truth that the left also refuses to accept is that tens of millions believe that there were extensive irregularities in the last presidential election. Until all states run elections the same, legal way, there will continue to be irregularities that provide false results.

The liberals continue to believe that abortion is health care. It is not. It is not birth control. Everyone knows exactly what it is.

Finally, the West Bend letter writer complained about division and disrespect, but it only seems to happen when the right does not agree with them. Radical Michels, radical and divisive Ron Johnson. They once again show you must agree totally with the left or you are unAmerican.

Lawrence Williamson

Port Washington


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