LETTER: The left’s ‘special interests’: fair voting, clean water, health care

To Ozaukee Press:

Some legislators, such as Duey Stroebel, have recently taken to social medial to complain about the special interests of left-wing persons. I am a proud left-wing person, and following are some of the special interests I am concerned about.

Clean water: The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel business section of Feb. 28 cited how the Republican legislators are pushing to lower pollution standards. That means more phosphorous can be dumped into lakes and rivers. The result is algae blooms that you can’t swim near or you will get a rash. The algae blooms will die and wash up on shore and stink. But our taxes dollars will be at work as municipal crews clean up the mess that could have been avoided. I guess more pollution equals better water in the mind of the right wing.

Infrastructure: Republicans do not want to raise the gas tax to repair bridges. Not long ago, a bridge over I-43 sagged at Green Bay. The sag was caused by the acid in the river flowing into the bay and eating the pilings that supported the bridge. Drive down any road and try to say they do not need repairs. Less money and repairs must mean better roads and bridges in the right-wing mind.

Health care: Health care is a right all people should have. The people should have the same health insurance at the same cost as the legislators who represent them. And, by the way, the legislators have a part-time job. Shouldn’t the legislators who hate affordable health care for the people, including those have to work more than one job, get their benefits cut for not having a full-time job?  

Voting: Voting should be fair and not in these crazy districts where gerrymandering occurred. Wisconsin had more voters turn out for Democrats in the last election, yet the districts elected Republicans due to gerrymandering. If this was in another country, the U.S. would be sending people to it to help get free and fair elections. The left wing is for fair elections.

Yes, I am a crazy left-wing, special-interest person, and I wear that title proudly because it will help all people regardless of their political affiliation.

Ted Poull



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