LETTER: God, Trump and guns blocking Democrat-communist takeover

To Ozaukee Press:

After the school shooting in Florida and all of the anger that has been spewed out about guns being the fault, I felt I had to answer that anger. It is not the guns’ fault; it is in the heart of men. Taking God out of the schools and government gives Satan a free hand to do his dirty work.

The atheist-communist Democrats have little regard for human life. After all, they approve of the murder of a million babies every year and they don’t even have to use a gun. The only reason that they want to take our guns away from us is that they want to turn our country into a communist country and they know that they cannot do it as long as the people have their guns, because they know that they would have to face a revolution if they tried to do it. They do not want to face a populace armed with AR-15s.

Obama was close to doing it, but they needed to destroy our Second Amendment and the Constitution, so they believed that they would elect Hillary as president and a Democrat-communist Congress to finish the job.

God and Trump threw a monkey wrench into their way, and that is why they have all this anger at Trump and are trying to destroy our duly elected president, who is doing a great job even with of all their opposition against him.

Andy Dieringer

Port Washington



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