LETTER: Fears of CRT indoctrination of school children are legitimate

To Ozaukee Press:

I wish to weigh in on the critical race theory that has been the subject of a number of letters to the editor in the Opinion section of the Ozaukee Press. After months of looking into this theory, along with the cancel culture and “wokeness,” it is obvious that nothing is so cut and dried about CRT as expressed by recent letter writers.

The tone of two letters using the terms “bogeyman” and “racist” turns off readers. It would be nice if we could show a little more respect for one another, instead of lumping a heck of a lot of good people into the proverbial “basket of deplorables,” as Hillary Clinton once said.

My daughter is a teacher but currently a busy stay-at-home mother of four. She has nothing but accolades for how they are being taught in their Cedar Grove-Belgium school. When asked about CRT, she replied that her oldest, a soon to be fifth grader, learned of slavery this past academic year and it was historically accurate. She gave the current curriculum and teacher an “A” with lots of pluses.

The reason I asked her was the disconcerting or very scary things I found about this theory when reading an enormous amount of perspectives and watching videos of teachers and parents from both sides of the aisle.

CRT critic Chris Rufo has released an astonishing list of 30 school districts in 15 states that teach from a book positing “that whiteness is an aspect of, yes, the devil, who leads white children astray with stolen land and stolen riches.”

I would strongly encourage people to read up on this theory with a variety of sources for an unbiased approach.     

There is a genuine nationwide movement growing with legitimate fears for innocent children being indoctrinated. When I read white children are oppressors and Black children and other races are the oppressed, it gets my dander up considerably. Honestly, isn’t that racism too?

In the midst of the elevated rhetoric, name calling and heated discourse, unification action can be prayer for the children, parents, teachers and politicians, letting our almighty God take the lead.

Peggy Klug
Cedar Grove



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