LETTER: Don’t fret over deficit; we don’t have to pay the money back

John S. Strauss
Campton Hills, Ill.

To Ozaukee Press:

Most politicians and media personalities are intelligent people, so I have to wonder why there is so much misunderstanding and distortion of facts regarding the misnamed “national debt” and the fight that habitually goes on in Congress over the debt limit. It’s all nonsense and political theater to get your vote.  

Would you rather put up with potted roads, weak bridges and overcrowded airports, or fix them? Would you rather live in a country where child care is unaffordable and people go without health care, or fix this shameful condition? Are you proud of the fact that roughly 40 million college graduates, intelligent but from poor families, are saddled with enormous debt? 

    When the federal government spends $100 and taxes only $90 of it, the remaining $10 remains somewhere in the economy. It’s an asset to someone. Every year of deficit spending the government puts more money into the economy for us to use. It’s not a bad thing. In fact, it is a very good thing, an investment that is part of the reason we enjoy the standard of living we have. 

     The surplus money left in our economy is already in our collective hands. No one is going to come and get it from us. If we are lucky, the federal government will continue to put surplus money into our economy for years to come. We need to spend money to solve problems and fix things.

The “balance-the-budget” folks don’t understand this or simply distort the truth to scare us into believing that someday this money will be taken back. It’s never going to happen.

  Our children and their children benefit when this money is used to build the kind of culture we wish to live in. The idea that somehow, someday our descendants will have to give back the money they now have is again nonsense. There isn’t any need to do so. We aren’t going to run out of dollars.

Let’s vote for representatives who understand this and stop bickering over how to pay for what keeps our country strong.  


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