LETTER: With Democrats now in charge, gun rights are in new jeopardy

To Ozaukee Press:

Every freedom-loving Second Amendment champion needs to take notice that the 2018 elections placed Democrats in charge of the House of Representatives when the 116th congress convened last week.

The same playbook out of the blocks coming from leader Nancy Pelosi is a slew of anti-gun proposals under the guise of “gun safety legislation.”

She, of course, is not speaking of the safe and responsible handling of firearms.

Pelosi and most every Democrat are proposing gun laws that would once again only punish law-abiding citizens.

Quite ironic is the fact that those same liberal do-gooders never seem to want to punish those who commit heinous crimes with guns.

Personal accountability is never part of a liberal’s lexicon.

The NRA and freedom-loving Americans need to remain vigilant and take a stand against legislative and media lies, distortions and smear campaigns by wealthy socialists like George Soros and Michael Bloomberg.

Their sole intent is to diminish and eventually choke the right to keep and bear arms out of existence.

Timothy J. Landing



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