LETTER: CRT’s purpose is to use critical thinking to analyze our history

To Ozaukee Press:

The word “critical” in the phrase Critical Race Theory does not mean to express adverse or disapproving judgment or to criticize. It means to analyze and understand the merits and faults, as in critical thinking.

CRT is a way of analyzing history and how race was used to influence laws and policies (for example, housing, education and the justice system) that directly impacted and continue to impact unequally the lives of diverse groups, including Black, Latino, Asian and Native American. It’s not about inflicting individual guilt, but seeing the big picture.

Abraham Lincoln is quoted as saying, “A country with no regard for its past will do little worth remembering in the future.” There are many things that this country and our government have done right. But other actions have seriously and negatively impacted the lives and future of people, our country and the world.  

If our children are to be able to shape the future, they need to know about and learn from the past. So what is wrong with critically analyzing our racial history?  Teachers are probably the best arbiters of this. The facts are there. If you remove critical thinking from historical events, what’s to teach or learn? And do you really want your legislators defining the school curriculum? It’s a scary proposition.

Amy Otis-Wilborn
Port Washington



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