LETTER: Border wall hypocrisy will give President Trump a second term

To Ozaukee Press:

The president requests $3.7 billion to deal with the border crisis and migrants illegally entering the country. The Washington Post and other news outlets say the crisis has reached epic proportions. Photos show detainees sleeping on floors in holding cells. The president says his plan is the most aggressive border security plan ever and the 700-mile barrier will help secure our southern border.

Headlines from today? Nope! Back in 2013 and 2014, it was President Obama that was asking for border billions. Back then, it was Democrats that thought a border wall was a good idea. Even Nancy Pelosi was on board for the wall. How can this be?

The media continually tells us that Trump is using his office to create a false crisis. Now Pelosi, CNN and One Joke Jimmy tell us there is no problem. Now I am confused.

On Jan. 5 of this year, the Washington Post said the situation on the border is dire and border agents are being overwhelmed.

Then just a week later the Post backtracks. What a surprise.

So I guess I am still confused. Back in Obama times we needed a 700-mile barrier, but now when Trump asks for money we are told it is not needed and Nancy says a border wall is inhumane.

I guess there is no reason to be confused after all. In fact, it is crystal clear.

The Democrats are hypocrites.

The illegal immigration problem is as real today as it was during the Obama administration.

Building a barrier wall will not stop all the drugs or end the financial burden on the country, but it is a start.

Liberal Democrats know full well the benefits of a wall, but consider it more important to block Trump at every turn. Collusion, nothing there.

Stormy, nothing there. Kavanaugh, still nothing. Border wall, yet another chance to obstruct Trump.

The thing about hypocrites is that eventually people see them for what they are.

America is seeing clearly and what we see is the fringe-left giving President Trump his second term.

What! That will never happen! He has no chance of winning.

Now, where have we heard that before?
Larry Williamson
Port Washington



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