LETTER: Border sign change signals Evers’ anti-business agenda

To Ozaukee Press:

In case you haven’t noticed, Gov. Tony Evers has replaced Gov. Scott Walker’s “Open for Business” signs at our state line. 

This has more meaning than just updating signs to reflect the election of a new governor.

Evers is quickly moving ahead with an agenda that is anti-business and in line with the extremist views of the Democrat party.

To that end, he is appointing hard-core socialists to important positions who intend to tax, regulate and spend.

Evers wants Wisconsin taxpayers beholden to government unions and his socialist friends. He is leading us back to becoming a place unwelcoming to business and where the disadvantaged will have limited opportunities to access jobs that provide dignity and prosperity.  

I thought that we revolted against those socialist shackles eight years ago when we threw out Jim Doyle and his cronies. 

But no, if Evers has his way, taxpayers are going to be burdened with overpaid government employees, government meddling in everything and subsidies for anyone who claims to be a victim.

The bill will be handed to those Wisconsinites employed by what’s left of a decimated private economy.  

As usual, the Democrats want to incentivize laziness in exchange for votes.  That is immoral, unsustainable and can only end badly.

Dennis Gasper



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