Village water passes the test thanks to pilot program

Expensive filters succeed in removing high levels of iron from groundwater well


Ozaukee Press staff

A solution to address the high iron levels at one of Saukville’s wells has been found.

After a pilot program testing Water Surplus filters, village iron levels recently met Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources standards.

The water from well five, the shallowest of the village’s wells, had iron levels five times higher than DNR standards, according to Katie Bohrman, an application engineer at Water Surplus, the water treatment company the village hired.

During the pilot program iron levels of 1.54 parts per million of iron were detected before the water was filtered.  But, iron levels dropped to 0.13 after filtration, which is  below the 0.3 ppm DNR recommendation.

This is an improvement compared to a November study to determine if a sodium silicate treatment would bring levels down. That treatment brought iron levels down to 0.9 ppm from 1.7 ppm.

While high iron levels don’t pose severe health risks, it can create a metallic taste, discolor the water and stain clothes, according to Saukville’s 2021 Consumer Confidence Report regarding its water utility.

Iron wasn’t the only thing in Saukville’s water, manganese was also found in well five.

Manganese levels dropped to 0.01 ppm from 0.052 ppm after the Water Surplus treatment, putting it within the DNR standards.

Manganese does not pose any major health risks, but can cause water discoloration and rusting.

The village is looking at how many filters it needs at the well before signing a contract, according to Trustee Trevor Seitz.

The cost of the new Water Surplus filters is estimated at $2.652 million, he said.

“You have to look at what’s best for the village as a whole” when spending that kind of money, Seitz said.




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