Village set to buy high-tech gun sights for police officers

Department touts benefits of new gear in asking for purchase that may be made this year
Ozaukee Press Staff

The Saukville Police Department recently hosted a demonstration for village trustees of a red-dot sight for firearms the department purchased last year.

The demo, held at the Ozaukee County’s shooting range July 26, was coordinated to show trustees the benefits of the sight and to give officers the opportunity to use a feature that may soon be incorporated into their service gear.

Red-dot sights are firearm features that replace a standard iron-sight aim. Rather than needing to align notches with iron sights, firearm users only need to train the red dot of the sight on their target for accuracy.

Village Administrator Dawn Wagner said the Village Board initially planned to allocate funds for the sights in the 2022 budget, but that the board could decide to purchase them sooner.

Money could come from the village’s unassigned fund balance, which is in surplus and could be spent in coming years without affecting the village’s credit rating.

Police Chief Robert Meyer and Lt. Patrick Kosmosky gave a presentation on the benefits of red-dot sights during a July 15 Public Safety Committee meeting.

In addition to providing more accurate aim, one of the biggest benefits, Kosmosky said, is that the sights would allow officers to see the whole picture of a scenario while still aiming.

“When you’re trying to line up rear sights and front sights, it takes away from your line of vision,” he said.

Kosmosky said maintaining awareness in a situation could prevent mistake-of-fact shootings or an incident in which a suspect is believed to have a weapon and is fired on when they actually did not.

Mistakes in tense situations where officers need to act quickly could also be minimized by the red-dot sight because aiming is far faster, allowing officers more time to evaluate a scenario before acting, he added.

Kosmosky said a number of studies on red-dot sights have made it clear that they provide superior accuracy over iron sights.

He added that the model the department is looking into had undergone military testing and is so durable it can be run over with a truck and still properly function.

On July 15, the Village Board voted to place consideration of purchasing the sights this year on the next Finance Committee agenda.




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