Village Board agrees to pay town for road improvements


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The Village of Grafton doesn’t usually contract with the Town for road projects, but that’s what happened in backward fashion last year.

The Town of Grafton mismeasured its portion of Shady Lane and accidentally repaved 249 feet of village road.

When the error was discovered, the town sent the village a bill for $13,629.

The Village Board on Monday agreed to pay it.

“I get it. There was a misunderstanding by the town engineer, but in good faith at the end of day we got a new section of road,” Village Administrator Jesse Thyes said.

The village used cost savings from its 2022 capital road fund to pay the bill. Thyes said since the village accepted the road in 2022, funds from that year could be used to cover the cost.

The approval came after the Village Public Works Committee recommended paying the town for the work, as long as the use of 2022 funds was blessed by the finance department.

Director of Public Works Amber Thomas told the committee last week she thinks an honest mistake occurred when the engineer marked the limits of the project.

“That would be where the curb and gutter stops and where the sidewalk stops, so to him it logically seemed like the end of the village limits, which I understand,” she said, referencing a map showing where the project went too far.

“But unfortunately those two houses —fortunately, I guess, maybe — are under village jurisdiction, so the town came back this fall and asked for our reimbursement for repaving of that portion of the road.”

“My comment is that the fact that they did pave that, it’s whoopee, we’re glad to pay for it because to have left half the road paved and unpaved is not in anyone’s best interest,” Committee Chairman Tom Krueger said.

Town Chairman Lester Bartel told Ozaukee Press it was a “professional calculating error” by the town engineer.



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