Teenager charged as a drug dealer bound over for trial

Case against 18-year-old from Saukville arrested in Port with marijuana, stolen gun in car will proceed
Ozaukee Press staff

A Saukville teenager who was charged as a drug dealer after police pulled him over in Port Washington in June and found bags of marijuana, vape cartridges and gummy candy marked as cannabis, as well as a loaded 9mm handgun, in his car was bound over for trial during a preliminary hearing in Ozaukee County Circuit Court Tuesday.

Reese N. Geib, 18, who was arrested two days before his Port Washington High School graduation ceremony, also pleaded not guilty Tuesday to the charges he faces — possession with intent to deliver marijuana, a felony, and misdemeanor counts of carrying a concealed weapon and possession of drug paraphernalia.

In addition, he pleaded not guilty to a new charge of receiving a stolen firearm.

Port Washington police officer Noah Narlock, who pulled Geib over in Upper Lake Park at 9:30 p.m. Friday, June 3, for a traffic violation, testified during Tuesday’s preliminary hearing that while an initial trace of the gun did not indicate it was stolen, a more thorough check using a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives database revealed it was owned by a Milwaukee man who reported it stolen several months ago.

Narlock also testified that when he approached Geib’s car, he noticed the smell of marijuana, beer bottles on the floor at the feet of Geib and his 18-year-old passenger and what looked like a THC vape cartridge on the center console. When questioned, Geib admitted it was, indeed, a THC cartridge, Narlock said.

“There was a distinct oder of marijuana and air freshener” emanating from Geib’s car, Narlock testified.

Authorities then searched the vehicle and under the driver’s seat found the 9mm handgun, which Narlock said had 12 rounds in the magazine. Along with it was a makeshift extended magazine for the gun and ski masks, according to the criminal complaint.

Also found in the car were a large box of THC vape cartidges, cases of Delta 9 marijuana and a case of gummy candy marked with a California cannabis symbol, the complaint states.

Narlock testified that more than 400 grams of marijuana in different forms was found in the vehicle. He said some of it was packaged in sandwich bags that were in what he referred to as a travel bag with a combination lock on it.

In addition, a scale with what appeared to be drug residue on it and $486 in cash were in the vehicle. Geib had another $460 in his wallet, for a total of $946, according to the complaint.

When questioned by Assistant District Attorney Antonella Aleman-Zientek about the conclusion he drew from the evidence found in the car, Narlock said the quantity of marijuana, its packaging, the cash, scale and gun were consistent with someone who sells drugs.

During Tuesday’s hearing, Geib’s lawyer, Melissa Barrette, attempted to chip away at the foundation for the lone felony charge he faces — possession with intent to deliver marijuana — suggesting that the marijuana found in Geib’s car may have been for personal use but was purchased in large quantities to get a discount.

“You’re aware when people purchase a larger volume of controlled substances they get a discount?” she asked Narlock.

Barrette also asked the officer if he found a drug ledger in the car. Narlock said a ledger was found on an app on a phone owned by the passenger in Geib’s car.

But, Narlock explained in response to follow-up questions from Aleman-Zientek, the Telegram app account found on the passenger’s phone was linked to Geib.

When asked what the purpose of the app account was, Narlock said, “Based on my observations, it was solely for the distribution of illegal drugs.”

The passenger, who has not been charged with a crime, told officers the night they stopped Geib’s car that he took two six packs of beer and a bottle of Hennessy from his parent’s house without their permission to celebrate graduating from high school with Geib.

Barrette asked Judge Paul Malloy to dismiss the felony charge Geib faces, arguing  prosecutors failed to show probable cause  that the drugs found in the car were his and that he intended to sell them.

Malloy, however, said the culmination of evidence supports the charge.

“That’s a significant amount of marijuana,” he said. “Four hundred grams is more than for personal use from what I’ve seen, and you have all those factors that go with possession with intent” to deliver.

Geib is scheduled to appear next in court on Sept. 22. He is free in lieu of $1,500 bail.



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