Port’s Molded Dimensions in ‘expansion mode’

Buoyed by diversity during the pandemic, injection molding firm is growing nationally with acquisitions of companies

MOLDED DIMENSIONS Vice President of Sales and Marketing Bobby Desai walked through the company’s busy Port Washington facility Monday. Desai said the injection molding firm, which recently purchased two companies, is in “expansion mode.” Photo by Sam Arendt
Ozaukee Press staff

Two companies recently acquired by Port Washington’s Molded Dimensions are just the start of the company’s long-term growth plans. 

In the last three months, Molded Dimensions acquired PCO Urethane, a polyurethane manufacturer in Marshfield, and most recently, GlobalTech Plastics, a plastics manufacturer in Fife, Wash., that gives Molded Dimensions a foothold on the West Coast. 

With two acquisitions under its belt, Molded Dimensions leaders say they are already considering additional expansions. 

The acquisition of GlobalTech also branches Molded Dimensions, which previously manufactured only rubber and urethane products, into the realm of plastic, Vice President of Sales and Marketing Bobby Desai said. 

“GlobalTech really gets us into the injection molding plastics space and really helps us expand our capabilities,” he said. 

Desai said companies often need both plastic and rubber components for the same product, and that historically Molded Dimensions has had to turn away plastic business. But now the company will be able to manufacture items with both materials. 

“It helps with cross-selling,” he said. “It’s really beneficial.” 

Molded Dimensions, KM Tooling in Port Washington, PCO and GlobalTech now fall under what will become the Molded Dimensions Group. 

Desai said Molded Dimensions wants to acquire more companies to expand the group’s production capabilities and regional presence. 

“We are definitely in expansion mode,” Desai said. “There is a constant exploration of acquisitions that make sense.” 

Molded Dimensions will continue to seek healthy companies that complement the group’s rubber, plastic and urethane production operations, Desai said. A goal of future acquisitions will also be to leverage a company’s customer base and look for cross selling opportunities, he added. 

With locations in the Midwest and on the West Coast, Desai said the group will also be considering acquisitions that give it a presence in the East. 

Desai said Molded Dimensions has been able to grow so quickly thanks to record high sales in recent years for both Molded Dimensions and the companies it has acquired. 

And as the company’s saying indicates, “From medical to mining,” creating products for a number of industries has been a strength. 

Desai said rather than focusing on just automotive or marine parts, Molded Dimensions makes products for dozens of different companies in different sectors of the economy. Having such a diverse group of customers helps ensure sales even when some sectors are experiencing difficulty. 

“When any one category is down within our vast customer base, one might be up,” Desai said. “For us, being diverse has really helped us stay in a growth mode.” 

Desai said at any given time Molded Dimensions is producing thousands of different parts and components on any scale customers may need. 

“We can run millions of parts for a customer or we can run hundreds,” he said. 

Although experiencing great success, Molded Dimensions has not been untouched by the pandemic, which has caused supply chain issues and staff shortages for businesses throughout the country. 

Desai said while the company has a supply chain team that works on finding materials from around the globe, some items are still difficult to find. Rubber, specifically silicon, has been especially difficult to acquire, he said. 

The shortage has been so significant, Desai said, that Molded Dimensions may soon have to consider not accepting additional silicon business until the material is readily available again. 

The company’s workforce has been relatively stable, Desai said, but it still needs to fill several positions. About 130 people are employed at the Port Washington facility and about 230 globally, and Desai said they need to fill about 10 spots in Port Washington. Like many other employers, the company is currently offering a $2,000 sign on bonus. 

Molded Dimensions was founded in 1954 under the name of Robbins Plastic and Rubber. The company was located in Cedarburg and distributed o-rings and tubes. 

Rubber and polyurethane manufacturing began in 1969 after the company was purchased by Jay Meili and renamed Molded Dimensions. 

In 1970, the operation phased out distribution and moved to manufacturing only. Then in 1973 Molded Dimensions built a 17,000-square-foot plant in Port Washington, where it stands today. The plant almost doubled in size in 1995 with a 12,000-square-foot expansion. 

By 2004, 50 years after its creation, Molded Dimensions reached $10 million in sales, priming it for construction of another 24,000-square-foot building where it would manufacture urethane in 2008. 



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