OPINION: Government has no business forcing electric vehicles on us

o Ozaukee Press:

It is incredible what the left is up to. They must lay awake nights to dream of the problems they can find to make our lives more difficult. What will they dream up next?

I am wondering how the electric cars are working out, especially in the northern states, where the cold weather cuts down on the driving range and the cold batteries don’t take a charge or takes hours longer to charge. You may think that I am against EVs; I am not. I think there is a future for EVs, but what I am against is the all-intrusive government getting involved in business, banning gas cars by the year 2035. Even banning gas stations.

Government should stay out of business and let business do what it does best—be in competition to improve their products and make them more durable and cost effective. Give business the time that they need and they will build better batteries with longer driving range and faster charging time, and be more competitive costwise, and the market will take care of itself.

This administration destroyed our energy independence and artificially raised gas prices to an unaffordable level, forcing people to buy inferior EVs that are not ready for a takeover of the market. And now they want to ban gas stoves. Will they ban gas furnaces next? Then they will probably ban electricity that takes oil, gas and coal to produce.

Andy Dieringer

Port Washington


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