OPINION: Don’t fear climate change, carbon pollution is a hoax

To Ozaukee Press:

Now that the travel restrictions are off as the Covid crisis billionaires settle back to invest their take, probably in Chinese pharmaceuticals, I see by the late breaking news from Ecclesiastics that there is nothing new under the sun. The Monty Python-era climate billionaires are back in the air, jetting off to Davos to tell us that if the Covid crisis didn’t kill us all, then their CO2 climate crisis will, that is if we don’t hand over what little remains of our cash or, at least, some FTX style carbon credits.

It takes me back to the old battle:  geologists and astrophysicists versus climatologists and politicians. One side, like Harvard astrophysicist Dr. Soon, once told a Sheboygan audience, “They (the alarmists) mistook the effect of ocean warming, a slight increase in CO2, for its cause. Now they try to regulate the effect, thinking that it’s the cause.  It’s the sun, really.” The other side, like Al Gore, who had pictures of drowning polar bears and cities flooding like the Netherlands without dykes. Drowning bears, of course, carried the day with the popular press until the Covid-crisis sucked the CO2 out of the climate-crisis balloon.

The billionaires in Davos discussing how to depopulate third world countries aren’t saying much about evidence that an increase in CO2 is actually greening the planet and reducing the spread of deserts; although it does justify their private jet contributions to that cause.

Maybe now we Wisconsinites also can get that warm feeling every time our gas furnaces kick in, and we do our part to stop the crisis of desertification. Maybe even when the Packers lose, tailgaters can fire up their gas grills with a smile.   Maybe more of us will be wearing the C.R.A.P.  (Carbon Really Ain’t Pollution)T-shirt that I once saw an environmentalist wearing after returning from a climate conference in Australia.

Art DeJong



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