As the mill turns:

Town of Fredonia tells owner he needs a building permit in order to install a holding tank on land
Ozaukee Press Staff

The Waubeka Mill and Button Factory building remain in limbo as their owners continue attempts to work on the properties.

The most recent request came from Charles Sheridan to install a wastewater holding tank on the Button Factory property at W4128 Mill St., which Sheridan said is owned by his son Charles Sheridan Jr.

Sheridan said the holding tank would prime the location for restoration of the property. He added that he and his son have plans to convert the building into a boat house that would include a restroom.

Because the property lies in a wetland, a building permit from Ozaukee County would be needed to work on the structure.

Town Chairman Lance Leider said the building is in poor shape and that it is not safe for people to inhabit in its current state.

“When you have a permit to rehab the building from the county, then we will consider the holding tank,” he said.

Sheridan said he would request a building permit from the county before returning to the town for the holding tank.

Leider also noted that an illegal well is located on the property and could not be used for the restroom.

Sheridan said the well cannot be used for potable water but could be used for wastewater.

The mill building property is also at a standstill after members of the Ozaukee County’s Natural Resources Committee expressed skepticism over a proposal Sheridan put forth to donate a portion of the property to Ozaukee in exchange for assistance in demolishing part of the mill building — a fee Sheridan said could total $22,000.

Under the proposal, Sheridan would donate a portion of the mill and all the property west of the building to the county in exchange for help with the demolition.

After demolishing a portion of the mill building, Sheridan said he would then erect a wall and refurbish the remainder of the building.

“We’re hoping that the county will work with us on this thing,” he said.

The mill building, which overhangs the right of way, has caught the attention of the Waubeka Fire Department, which fears the building may collapse and pose a hazard to those traveling on Mill Street.

In response to the concerns, the Town of Fredonia decided in February to close a segment of Mill Street in front of the building until it is either razed or an inspector determines it is not structurally compromised. The road remains closed today.

Sheridan asked that a Town Board member attend the next county meeting where the mill donation is discussed to represent the town’s interests.

“I think we’re both on the same page, we want to get that demolition done,” he said.



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