Merry Christmas to all

’Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the gyms,
All was quiet, except for those fanatics up for runs, lifts or swims;
The stockings were hung near the mantel with pegs,
But not too high for I do not have long legs;
Most student-athletes were dozing in their beds,
While dreams of state championships filled their heads;
We don’t own a ’kerchief but I could have used a nap,
My head still pounding from student sections’ cheers and claps;
Then outside I thought I heard a splatter,
Did that blob in the red suit somehow get fatter?
Away to the window I sluggishly tread,
This better be worth it, I got out of bed;
Griswold-like lights illuminated the scene below,
I gotta shovel those forecasted “flurries” of snow;

There’s our recycling bin packed with debris,
Hope it’s emptied before wind sends it out of the galaxy;
Then what to my fatigued eyes did I make out,
98 delivery trucks hastily buzzing about;

But there was something else, I had a hunch,
It was Santa Claus himself and his jolly bunch;
Over the trucks’ engines I could clearly hear;
“We’re Bucks’ fans too, don’t fear these deer;”
On the top of our house they landed with a thud,
Santa’s healthy New Year’s resolution again was a dud;
In the fireplace he soon appeared in his glory,
That’s odd — we have no chimney and our house has one story;
Nonetheless, he brought a big sack,
His pupils widened as he eyed up a snack;
Pizza, cheese, crackers and chips of all sorts,
Sustenance for writers staying up late to cover sports;
He dove right in and devoured the array,
Attacked my leftovers like a baboon at a buffet;
A dilemma developed as I stood and stared,
I glanced at the fireplace ­— how’d he fit through there?

His girth was so great he tripped over my chair that reclines,
“This,” Santa warned, “stays out of the headlines.”
He laid a punctuation and grammar book by our Nativity Scene’s manger,
I turned to our smiling shepherd hound, “Go bite the stranger.”
Santa just laughed, but I said that’s not funny,
“That’s the same thing I got from the Easter Bunny;”
“You should wish for more,” he said, “like on other stops I make tonight,
They ask to be faster, bigger and for more might;
They’re just happy to practice again after academics,
Their passion to play compounded during the pandemic;
From the Rocket launch pad they aim to soar,
Winning often but never satisfied, always striving for more;
They’re small but mighty and have big hearts,
When the Warriors come together they set themselves apart;
They’re eager to learn to tackle and block,
So Black Hawks too can pound the rock;
They sing their school song to supportive teen fans,
Wave the Pirate flag, then clap their hands;
They want to win, come through in the clutch,
Whether they’re German, Irish, Luxembourgish or Dutch;
Some play at colleges, even for Bucky,
Athletics at another level, so few are so lucky;
They’ve got the ability, know how to field and throw,
A tiny percentage even go pro;
The competition is great but so are the quips,
Memories are often made on long bus trips;
Coaches teach them team before me,
Make them better players than they thought they could be;”
As Santa left, he said, “Go Ozaukee, Grafton, Cedar Grove-Belgium and Port,
Happy Christmas to all, and
    good luck in every sport.”



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