LETTERS: Trump disrespects presidency, so why should we respect him?

To Ozaukee Press:

I really, really try to listen to people who voted for Trump and try to see their point; however, when they defend him it makes my skin crawl.

A letter writer in last week’s Ozaukee Press said we should at least respect Trump because he is our president. I wholeheartedly disagree with this premise.

Donald Trump does not respect the presidency.

He called the White House a dump.

He uses his platform to denigrate great Americans on a daily basis.

We can never forget that while he was campaigning he denigrated war hero John McCain and mimicked a reporter who had a debilitating condition.

He continues to call the press fake and has said violence against them and people who protested him was encouraged.

He ran down a gold-star Muslim family who lost a son fighting for our country.

I will not go into details about how often he cheated on his wives and his myriad sex scandals.

In order to respect this man you would have to give up the moral and ethical parts of your being and put your party before our country.         

I and a majority of others will continue to oppose and fight against this amoral man until he is gone.

I also can’t sit idly by while so-called Christian congress people ignore the damage being done to our country while they pad their wallets.

Remember that 83% of the tax cuts go to the wealthy and almost everyone in our Congress is wealthy.

Bruce Lorge


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