LETTERS: Response to Roseanne’s words shows liberal double standard

To Ozaukee Press:

Once again the liberal double standard rears its ugly head.

Roseanne loses her job because of ill chosen comments (which were wrong), but when a liberal comic calls Trump’s daughter a very vile name, she gets to just apologize.

Talk show hosts, comics and news commentators continually spew comments about the Trump family, which supporters find just as offensive, and nothing happens.

Tim Allen had his show cancelled due to his conservative stance and yet every night Jimmy Kimmel uses his monologue as a political statement to bash the president, often with totally made up items.

Jimmy seems to think that just because the president says or does something that he disagrees with he can call him all sorts of names.

Guess what, half of America supports the president and finds these liberal comments very offensive.

Now, of course, any president is fair game for an occasional joke, but Jimmy Kimmel and his liberal cohorts take it way too far.

When the left says what they want about anybody and it is OK then they have to take what may be dished out towards them.

A few years ago we all stood with Gov. Walker.

Now we must stand with Trump and conservative values.  

America is about free speech, and we cannot punish just one side because we do not agree with them.

The double standard must end now.

Larry Williamson



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