LETTERS: Dislike for Trump not grounds for impeaching the president

To Ozaukee Press:

I sense the frustration in last week’s letter to the editor by Orville Froh, “Trump is hurting America; he should resign or be impeached.” It certainly is a challenge for all of us to relate to this unconventional president—even myself who voted for him.  

Nevertheless, just because you think something about him does not make it true. To impeach a duly elected president you need to have constitutional grounds. This talk of impeachment arises mainly out of despair over the other party’s losing candidate, as well as the fact some people don’t like him, don’t like his policies and simply want him gone. Not very democratic, I say.

Mr. Froh’s comments about tariffs hurting this country may be true. However, the allies he mentioned have long benefited from the present inequities in tariffs. Previous presidents have simply accepted this as the status quo, and chose not to upset the apple cart. That this president chooses to address this imbalance is not grounds for impeachment.

Finally, I take great issue with the  statement that “whoever supports Trump thinks like him.” I consider myself a discerning citizen who struggles with all the issues this great country faces, no matter who my president is. This is an incredible fallacy that would behoove people on the left to rethink. It is a statement that only further divides and maligns many good Americans who are truly fed up with the “Washington swamp” and tired of establishment politics.

I ask that those who dislike President Trump quit expending energy in vitriolic hysterics and hyperbole. Yes, there are, have been and will be presidents I will not like, but it would never occur to me to use such disparaging, hate-filled discourse and actions against the office  of the president, as well as toward the American citizenry that elected him.

Elizabeth Brelsford
Port Washington



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