LETTER: Worried about Covid-19? Heed advice of Packers quarterback

To Ozaukee Press:
 I remember just a few years ago when the Packers were not playing so well, Aaron Rodgers went on a Monday morning radio show and uttered the famous expression—RELAX.

Although that was football and this is a cold virus the CDC doesn’t know a great deal about, the same word applies here. While I agree that this virus should be taken seriously, we shouldn’t take the the overhype and mass hysteria seriously.

I was wondering if this virus was called the coronaflu instead of the the coronavirus, would the hysteria and media reaction be the same?

If social media back in 2009 would be where it is today, would panic have been worse?

I remember the swine flu in 2009 and the national media calmness from a flu that affected 60 million Americans and killed over 12,000.             

What we all need to do is wash your hands, don’t touch your face or rub your eyes, be aware of loved ones who may be sick or coughing and other things that I shouldn’t have to preach to you if you have half a brain.

But for the sake of God, please relax, don’t hoard groceries, don’t stop having a sense of humor and don’t stop living your life.

 While this is an unknown virus, the good news is that 2,200 people in Wuhan, China, have died in a city of 11 million that is very densely populated, where 10 people or more live in one house.

We as Americans should be smarter than the way that some are reacting right now to a virus that healthy people have a 99.8% of recovering from.

 If you have elderly that you are taking care of or loved ones that are ill, please keep an eye on them over the next few weeks.

Again, that is something I shouldn’t have to tell you. If something like this causes the panic it is causing, imagine what a self-described socialist would do to this great country.                                                                   

Timothy Job



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