LETTER: While U.S. needs new citizens, Congress ignores border mess

To Ozaukee Press:

Instead of offering solutions to the border situation, members of Congress like to sit safely and comfortably on the sidelines and criticize. It’s an old tactic by those who don’t do anything. It’s a lot easier to complain than to solve.

Business has “help wanted” signs all around the country. We need workers and there is an abundant supply of people from around the world willing to come here and work, many of them from our neighbors to the south. Instead of welcoming them, Republicans demonize them.

The Texas governor is using a political stunt, not to solve the problem, but to publicize a situation that everyone already knows is broken. At the expense of Texas residents, migrants are being shipped to other states. It is fortunate that the governor chooses blue states, including Illinois, over red states, because in blue states they will be welcomed and helped, not demonized.

Illinois has a welcoming heart and soon these hardworking people will fill some of the vacancies that business is looking for.  Hopefully, more will arrive to fill even more openings as business needs their energy.

Immigrants who want to enter the U.S. legally must first contend with this country’s backlog. Once in line, it can take as long as three years to be allowed in and then another two years and about $7,000 to become a citizen.

Obviously, the process is underfunded and understaffed. Why Congress doesn’t solve this is a mystery—unless you realize that maybe they like it this way.

Through an accident of birth and the immigration of my ancestors, I was born into the heaven of the Midwest. Through another accident of birth, immigrants were born elsewhere.  That’s the only difference.

America is long overdue for a humane and workable immigration policy.

John S. Strauss

Campton Hills, Ill.


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