LETTER: We need the truth from White House, money from Congress

To Ozaukee Press:

 The incompetence of the federal response to the Covid-19 pandemic is on full display every time Trump gets in front of the camera. He’s a real estate promoter. 

The key word here is “promoter.” He exaggerates everything.

The truth eludes him. For example, his Trump tower is really 58 floors, but he advertises it as 68 floors.

While these marketing enhancements may be harmless in the real estate business, they cost lives in the area of health care.

Trump knew about Covid-19 months ago, but decided to minimize its affect on the United States, where we have, according to him, the best health care in the world. While this may be true for small numbers of wealthy people, it is not true for masses of people showing up at emergency rooms or doctor’s offices. Why? 

Because we simply don’t have enough beds, respirators, trained medical personnel, gowns, test kits, test labs, swabs, etc.          

The lack of straight talk about capacity, order status and delivery of scarce commodities indicates that they either don’t know or fear telling us the truth.

Fortunately, news organizations like PBS, MSNBC, CNN and the networks ABC, CBS and NBC are doing an excellent job of reporting the truth.

These along with responsible newspapers such as the New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune and Wall Street Journal are all doing their best to keep us informed.

May I give thanks for a free press!

This pandemic is going to cost a lot of money, probably in the trillions.

Fortunately, money is not limited because on July 15, 1971 President Richard Nixon officially removed the U.S. from the gold standard.

Gold is a limited resource. Money is the invention of mankind and therefore unlimited. We should not concern ourselves about the cost.

Hopefully, the misers in Congress who don’t understand this will be in the minority and Congress will pass the much needed spending bills to help all those affected by this tragedy.

Trump is surely late, but I hope he gets it together before too many die.

John S. Strauss
Campton Hills, Ill.




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