LETTER: Walker attack ads smear ‘good, decent man’ in governor race

To Ozaukee Press:

In past elections, voters have said they were voting for the lesser of two evils. Voters do not have to worry about that dilemma on Nov. 6. Tony Evers is one of the most decent people we’ve ever had run for governor. Watching the recent debate confirmed this for many who didn’t know Evers before.

Scott Walker is running nasty, false attack ads accusing Evers, as state superintendent of public education, of being soft on sexual misconduct by a teacher, even though the law would not allow anyone to remove the teacher’s license.

Did Walker mention that no license is required to work in his pet project of private, taxpayer-funded voucher schools? You could be a convicted felon and work in any of those schools.

The governor bragged during the debate about increasing state aid for education last year. He didn’t mention all of the times he decreased it. Walker brags that he has made a record investment in schools. According to Politifact Wisconsin, seven Wisconsin state budgets spent more on schools than Walker’s current budget proposal does.

Tony does not want to raise the gas tax $1.Walker is pushing this and other lies through a massive ad buy, much of it coming from the familiar billionaire donors. He brags about not raising enough revenue to pay to maintain roads and then spent $933,000 of our tax money frivolously flying around the state—for a haircut, television campaign ad and for flights as short as 24 miles.

Put a good and decent man in the governor’s office—Tony Evers.

Deb Dassow


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