LETTER: Vaccinations lag because Biden administration lacks credibility

To Ozaukee Press:
    Over the last year and a half, our government, through the media, has been pushing for everybody and their children to be vaccinated, and now they are baffled as to why people are reluctant to follow their orders. The answer is simple. This administration has no credibility in anything they do.
    Credibility is the result of accountability. And here are a few examples of the many instances where our present administration did not hold anybody accountable for either lying, changing documents or plain incompetence.
    Rod Rosenstein, the former U.S. attorney general, spent months extolling the sanctity of the FISA warrant and what would happen to anybody who lied to get one. What happened when it was exposed that a person actually did change the wording on the application for the warrant? Nothing.
    Next example is the debacle of the Afghanistan withdrawal and who was left behind along with $84 billion dollars worth of equipment. Once again nobody was responsible.
    And lastly is a comment that the oracle Dr. Fauci made on Oct.3. He stated that the number of unvaccinated illegals, which was approaching 2 million, did not have to be vaccinated because “they are not the problem—its the unvaccinated American citizens that are the problem.” Even though these groups of unvaccinated illegals are being disbursed throughout the country. So everybody else should get vaccinated?
    Once again, no accountability leads to no credibility.
Duffy Brelsford
Port Washington
Editor’s note: Rod Rosenstein was appointed U.S. deputy attorney general by President Donald Trump and served only under the Trump administration. He resigned in May 2019 and has had no involvement in the Biden administration. While in the Trump Justice Department, he had authority over the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.


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