LETTER: Utility penalizes solar energy users who increase its profits

To Ozaukee Press:
    Our local utility, We Energies, has been waging a war against solar energy customers and claims that solar system owners don’t pay for their fair share of the cost of using the electricity grid, even though I see a “facilities charge” on my bill for 29 days of up to $15.25. How much more do they want for facilities?
    I’d like to let you in on a little secret. We Energies is not paying their fair share to solar system owners.
    I have a 7.2 kilowatt solar array on my rooftop, and on long, bright summer days, my system produces more electric energy than my residence uses.
    My electric bill for May 2021 shows that my household used 694 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity and that my photovoltaic array produced 832 kWh.
    That means that during the month of May, I “overproduced” by 138 kWh. We
Energies paid me $5.86 for the 138 KWH of energy, and it was able to sell the 138 kWh of the energy I produced for them for $18.94.
    We Energies paid $5.86 for energy they sold it for $18.94. That’s an increase of 323%. No business, especially a utility monopoly, should be able to gain such a profit. So who’s really paying their fair share?
Wayne Stroessner
Random Lake


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