LETTER: Things are all wrong in U.S.; but the ‘red wave’ will save us

To Ozaukee Press:

Reading the writer of the letter to the editor published in last week’s Ozaukee Press under the headline, “Don’t blame Biden for the  price of gas; it’s higher in 90 countries,”we have to wonder what country he is living in. He says that everything is wonderful and the media is unfairly bashing President Biden. Apparently he hasn’t noticed inflation is at a 40-year high, which was forecast while increased unemployment benefits and stimulus checks were handed out. While Biden claims it is 6 to 8 %, the truth is many items are up 15 to 25%.

What about all the shortages and supply line issues? Gasoline prices doubled before the Ukraine war. The letter claims Republicans have no solutions. They do, it’s called domestic production. Biden apparently thinks begging for oil from the Mideast is a better idea.

Our writer went on to blame Trump for mishandling of the Covid 19 problem. During the presidential debates, Biden held Trump responsible for the 200,000 Covid deaths and stated that he did not deserve to remain President because of this. With 900,000 more deaths since, why is Biden still the president?

Remember a year ago when Biden guaranteed you would not get Covid if you got your shot? Yet both he and Faucci have Covid. President Trump very quickly curtailed travel into the U.S., gave access to military hospitals and pushed for a vaccine by end of 2020.

Biden’s solution was to lock down the country, ruin the economy and threaten you with job loss if you refused to get the vaccine. It seemed that “my body my choice” only applied to the abortion of a baby still in the mothers womb.

The letter writer says the country will be burning after the “red wave” hits. Does he mean like it was during the BLM riots? Where is the investigation into those? Yet we are to believe all those flag waving supporters of Donald Trump suddenly became domestic terrorists?

There are many wrong and disastrous things going on in the country now, illegal voting, drag queens in schools, green policies with no fact basis, defunding police, schools allowing children to change the gender they identify with, the invasion of illegal aliens at our border. It just does not stop. Many of us believe that the coming red wave will actually save America.

Lawrence Williamson

Port Washington


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