LETTER: There is not a patriot or honest person in Trump White House

To Ozaukee Press:
    So now we know that Mike Pence was fully aware of General Flynn’s foreign entanglements. Pence appears to be just another of the inveterate liars occupying the White House. There appears to be no one of integrity remaining in the Trump administration: not an honest man or patriot among them.
    When this is over, I am virtually certain it will be established that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians to undermine Hillary Clinton and literally steal the presidency.  
    Co-conspirators will include virtually all White House functionaries, including Bannon, Kushner, Flynn, Sessions and Pence, with the full involvement of Trump himself.
    Open your eyes, America! There is no exculpatory evidence out there. Everything yet to be revealed will only be more damaging.
    The only hope Trump has is to interfere with, obstruct, undermine, delay and limit any investigations. All administration efforts are currently being directed to that end.
    Do not expect the sudden appearance of any exonerating evidence—because there is none. As it stands, treason has actually been committed, and what we’re witnessing is a desperate attempt at a cover up.
    It remains to be seen if the American people will allow ourselves to be bamboozled, but if we do, we will have lost everything.
Donald Harvey
Port Washington



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