LETTER: Teach race relations but don’t teach ‘racist concepts’ of CRT


Critical race theory’s proponents are gaslighting you. In last week’s Ozaukee Press letters to the editor, two writers suggested that CRT is nothing more than teaching about Tulsa and slavery and the genocide of Native Americans. That’s not true at all. That’s just history, and it all should be taught (and I’m not sure what school the letter writer went to, but I was taught all those things).

In reality, CRT is not about teaching history, but about trying to reshape society into a model where the color of your skin is your primary defining feature. It treats complex human beings as one-dimensional caricatures, positing that all whites are racist and part of the oppressor class, that discrimination against white people is not only acceptable but necessary, and that collective identity trumps individuality.

And it is being taught at all levels. Greg Lukianoff from the Freedom for
Individual Rights in Education (in his own words, a “liberal Democrat”) writes a great explanation of what CRT is and isn’t in an article you can search for titled “13 important points in the campus & K-12 critical race theory debate.” He relates incidents like third graders being forced to rank themselves according to their “power and privilege” based on their skin color, forcing students to “confess” and feel guilt for the sins of their race, and teaching that all white people perpetuate racism.

Teach about race. Teach about the history of race relations. Don’t teach racist concepts like CRT.

Tom Kamenick
Port Washington



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