LETTER: Stressed schools show damage Walker has done to education

To Ozaukee Press:

An unfortunate but inevitable problem has come to our school districts: There are not enough substitute teachers. This may seem like a strange problem to those who do not work in public schools, but for those who have worked as educators it was predictable.

Since Scott Walker became governor, the teaching profession has been criticized and resources to schools have been cut due to insufficient funding. In this type of atmosphere it is no surprise that the noble profession of teaching has lost its appeal, and smart, motivated students are not seeing teaching as an enticing career option.

Fewer college students are pursuing degrees in education. That means there is a teaching shortage in many parts of the state. Without any surplus teachers, there are few that are able to work as substitute teachers. This has led to school leaders seeing no other solution than doubling up classes.

Think about that for a second, doubling up a class could mean 50 seventh graders in one classroom. How much learning can occur in this type of environment? How much individual attention can a student get? How much emotional support can be given?

There are a number of obvious problems our schools face due to the drastic cuts that Wisconsin’s Republican politicians have passed. There are also hidden problems that very few outside of the education world see. However, if Scott Walker and his Republican allies are re-elected, these problems, observed or concealed, will worsen.

We already can’t find subs, we already can’t find enough tech ed, agriculture and special ed teachers. How long until Wisconsin can’t find enough teachers in all subject areas?

It is time to reverse the damage that Scott Walker has done to our education system. It is time to elect a candidate who supports Wisconsin’s children, to elect politicians who will strengthen our educational system. On Nov. 6, it is time to elect Tony Evers as Wisconsin’s next governor and give him the support he needs by electing Chris Rahlf to the Assembly.

Theresa Bryan



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