LETTER: Second Amendment sanctuary is needed to defend gun rights

To Ozaukee Press:

    We attended a jampacked meeting on April 20 where the exclusive focus was to make Ozaukee County a Second Amendment sanctuary county.                                                   

We were disillusioned by residents and board members who argued against passing this measure. Individuals who are against making us a sanctuary county against government overreach are not focusing on what Americans are currently facing at the federal level, where up to 40 anti-gun bills that would severely cripple gun rights have advanced to the U.S. Senate. 

We thought it was rather offensive that some of the board members and speakers believed that the meeting was a waste of time. The founding fathers are probably rolling over in their graves about now. 

We believe that the people who were elected to the Ozaukee County Board, who placed their hand on the Bible and were sworn into office, have an obligation to uphold all of the Constitution, not just certain parts that make some people feel good or advance some agenda. 

Thankfully, the measure was passed by a vote of 16-9, although there is no reason it shouldn’t have been 25-0. The nine members who voted no should be voted out of office in their next election.

Timothy and Charlene Landing



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