LETTER: People who had kits trapped saw peril in nature’s beauty

This red fox kit, seen peeking out from under the St. Mary’s Church steps, was likely among the seven members of the same litter that were trapped by a company hired by nearby residents. Ozaukee Press file photo

To Ozaukee Press:

I remember seeing the initial Facebook post in which someone took a picture of the mother fox and her kits and revealed their location under the steps to St. Mary’s Church in Port Washington. I couldn’t help but think, “Oh, great, now people will be trying to pet them or take selfies with them.”

However, it was far worse. I would never have dreamed in a thousand years that entitled and ignorant residents across the road from the church property and up a hill past city-owned land would band together to hire a company to trap the kits and take them away from their parents.

I was appalled to read the news story in last week’s Ozaukee Press reporting that seven of kits were trapped on the instructions of residents and also to hear the tormented mother of those kits scream out for them as they were baited and trapped by unscrupulous humans.

The condo owners at fault should be embarrassed by their ignorance and ashamed to have hired a company to perform such a dastardly deed. Advanced Wildlife Control of Mequon should be even more ashamed and embarrassed.  They chose the almighty dollar instead of educating the frightened condo owners about the dangers posed by the fox family.  Spoiler alert: There aren’t any. In fact, foxes are beneficial to the area as they help control the rodent population. Given a little more time, they would have moved on anyway.

Nature is one of the last pure and simple entities in life, and we were lucky to witness this fox family thriving until the young foxes were ripped away from their mother and father. This callous act is just another example of uneducated humans thinking they know better than the forces of nature.

Michele Arendt

Town of Grafton


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