LETTER: Parents can help bus drivers navigate street chaos at PWHS


To Ozaukee Press:

As a school bus driver for Johnson School Bus Service, I am forced into the free-for-all chaos that occurs outside of Port Washington High School every school day morning between 7:05 and 7:20 a.m.

Now, we might ask for help from school staff, teachers or even Port Washington police to direct traffic, but we all know they are dealing with staffing shortages. Until we can find money to build an overpass for pedestrians crossing that busy street, or reserve the right lane for school bus traffic, this problem remains one we all need to address.

Here are some ideas for parents to consider:

n If you live within a reasonable walking distance from Port Washington High School, have your children walk to school. I did it way back when, and many parents probably did too. It’s good exercise, and saves gas money.

n Carpool—rather than, say, four individual trips from your neighborhood, wouldn’t it be better to have four families use one car, and rotate the driving? Once again, we save gas money.

n If you do have to drop your kids off, have then ready with backpacks on their laps, say quick goodbyes and jump out to keep the line moving.

Of course, school bus drivers will continue to be courteous and safe, but certainly any return courtesy is always appreciated (especially in that left turn onto Webster as we take the rest of our passengers to TJ Middle School).

The vast majority of your kids are great kids, and that’s  because of your parenting. Thanks to all, and have a great school year.

Bob Bonk



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