LETTER: Look back at 2022 shows plenty of problems to tackle in 2023

To Ozaukee Press:

It is good to check the rearview mirror when moving forward, including last year’s letters, editorials, articles and news.

Cedar Gorge was saved by Gov. Tony Evers from becoming a subdivision, although some letter-writers felt it was a misuse of Covid funds. Voters thought otherwise. Evers won re-election.

Citizens re-elected Republicans Rob Brooks and Ron Johnson despite the fact most value women’s health care rights, which those two oppose. Johnson plans to scrub Social Security and Medicare programs.

The number of people killed in mass shootings in 2022 was 637, with 2,500 more injured. A writer revealed “Wisconsin’s GOP lawmakers want to make access to guns easier.” An editorial also stated “Anti-gun control base, lobbies and corporate donors will fight to keep assault guns available.” Johnson enjoys lucrative NRA campaign funding. In Wisconsin, 717 people died from gunshots in 2022.

Writers insisted Democrats are damaging to America.  In the November elections, however, blue voters sunk the red wave nationally. One writer was concerned about losing “God-given rights enshrined in the Constitution.” The Constitution was written by men — existential, logical thinkers, many Deists, believing in moral teachings not the literalness of the bible.

A writer stated that Democrats were trying to “sway elections.” The January 6th Committee proved the opposite, recommending the Justice Department pursue criminal charges against Trump and his allies for obstructing proceedings, conspiracy to defraud, making false statements to the federal government and inciting and assisting an insurrection.

Writers were either for or against electric cars. Fossil fuels create greenhouse gases, global warming, hurricane strength winds, sea level surges devastating Florida and lake-effect snow damage in Buffalo, N.Y.

The Port Washington-Saukville School District’s report card, paid for by property owners, revealed that those in charge may not be educated in the state’s curriculum goals, objectives, instructional methods and outcome measurements. A correction is needed.

Hopefully, initiative-taking citizens will tackle these issues in 2023.

Ken Bretl



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