LETTER: Liberty at stake in midterms is reason to vote for Republicans

To Ozaukee Press:

Over the course of several weeks, Americans have been reminded in various venues that midterm elections are the current political battlefield. Liberty loving Americans must not trivialize the midterms as a banal bore. Results of elections impose consequences.

Several issues are at stake: religious liberty in the public square, savage slaughter of pre-born children, culture wars involving identity politics, due process enshrined in our Constitution but under assault as evidenced in the Judge Kavanaugh hearings where the logical fallacy “proof by lack of evidence” was grotesquely displayed, fundamentals of the economy, foreign policy, tax relief, health insurance (ACA) and immigration to name only some of the conflicted issues.                 

The Democrat and Republican parties differ greatly on issues; it is incumbent on responsible voters to be informed and view the text of the party platforms at democrats.org/party-platform and gop.com/platform.

No politician is perfect, but some hold a worldview more closely aligned to the United States Constitution (Republicans), while others hold closer to socialism and refuse to acknowledge the freedom of dissenters (Democrats).      

The destiny of the political, economic and cultural state of both Wisconsin and the United States lies between a notion where liberty is reconciled with law versus the infringement of government into individual sovereignty, property rights, safety and security in one’s person.

A vote for liberty to continue to grow in Wisconsin and the United States is to vote Republican.

Barbara C. Duff



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