LETTER: Labeling those who question CRT as racist is irresponsible

To Ozaukee Press:

The language specifically used by two writers of letters to the editor regarding CRT in last week’s Ozaukee Press offends me as typical rhetoric used by those who choose to denigrate all persons who may disagree with them on CRT. I am tired of these labels being used so irresponsibly. Fed up with it!

I take great effort in discerning and studying the historical background of the theory’s development, as well as reviewing a host of different sources that provide both pro and con information. As with any high-powered issue, I have my disagreements. But to label me “racist right” and suggest I “probably do not understand the issue” does absolutely nothing to advance reasonable discourse.

I am certain both writers have read and understand the multi-faceted and complicated issues and commentaries surrounding CRT, which might lead one to be cautious.  

But to say CRT is “not taught below the college level” is not credible. An overarching concern is that the federal government and major corporations mandate it and local school boards and teachers unions are looking at it, raising the specter of government intrusion into too many levels of society.          

 We need to be vigilant and accept the discussion that needs to take place without labeling those in disagreement as adversaries.

Words have consequences, and perpetrating those negative labels over and over and over makes one want to dismiss even what may have been rationally spoken.

Elizabeth Brelsford
Port Washington
Editor’s note: The federal government does not mandate teaching critical race theory. Some critics of CRT have claimed that a new U.S. Department of Education program that awards grants to schools for “projects that incorporate racially, ethnically, culturally and linguistically diverse perspectives into teaching and learning” is an attempt to influence schools to include CRT teaching in their curriculums.


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