LETTER: Knodl, Brooks shirked duty on reform of 1849 abortion law

To Ozaukee Press:

The recent nullification of Roe v. Wade required the Wisconsin Legislature to review its 1849 abortion law. Whether a legislator is pro-choice or pro-abortion, his or her job is to help Wisconsinites understand the consequences of this 173-year-old law.

The Wisconsin Medical Society needs to clarify the terminology and procedures in the ancient law. New advocates have appeared since 1849 and should be asked to participate. Women’s groups have made it clear that male dominated medical professionals, legislatures and clergy do not have exclusive knowledge regarding the biology and autonomy of women, and they should be heard. Technical innovations and the development of microbiology have provided new information. New and better legislation can be written.

Gov. Tony Evers called a special session to review the 1849 legislation that became the ruling law in the state when the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade. This was an opportunity to begin to establish common ground. The presence of many emotional, moral and legal issues guarantee a challenging effort. However, legislators are elected to address controversial problems. Legislators are supposed to be problem-solvers.

But the opportunity was squandered. The Republican leadership gaveled in and out. Reps. Dan Knodl and Robert Brooks, who represent parts of Ozaukee County, marched along with their leaders. No discussion. No debate. Ozaukee County needs better representation, new faces to take on the hard questions. Knodl and Brooks have marched in lock-step with the Republican leadership for too long. As of the last session, the majority leaders have gaveled in and out three times. Why do they bother to hold office?

Democrats Robert Tatterson and Dan Larsen are challenging Knodl and Brooks. They understand the concerns of Ozaukee County residents and should be their representatives in the Wisconsin Assembly.

Dan O’Keefe



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