LETTER: It’s time to put an end to GOP control of Senate and House

To Ozaukee Press: The year was 2009, and I remember it well. It seemed that the country was heading toward a depression, as the financial markets went into a tailspin, the stock market took a nosedive, business lending was virtually non-existent and job losses were as high as 800,000 a month. President Obama and a Democratic Congress took over and in the ensuing months managed to pass an economic stimulus package, reformed the entire banking system, saved the auto industry from collapse, passed the most comprehensive health care legislation since Medicare and presided over an economy that grew steadily for the duration of his presidency. And yet many people still claim that President Obama never accomplished anything. Unfortunately, progress was halted after Tea Party Republicans gained a House majority in 2010 and took control of the Senate in 2014. And now, with complete control of government, their record is limited to a near repeal of health care for millions, a tax cut aimed primarily at the richest Americans that will result in a $1.5 trillion deficit and the confirmation of two ultra-conservative Supreme Court justices. Many of these Republican representatives are seeking re-election. They can claim to be freedom-loving patriots, but in my view they are little more than corporate lobbyists who are completely divorced from the financial uncertainty that most Americans face. On Nov. 6, let’s return Democrats to power and finally realize President Obama’s grand bargain—that if you work full time and play by the rules, you can achieve financial security. Greg Melcher Port Washington


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