LETTER: If character counts, how can anyone approve of Trump?

To Ozaukee Press:
     As the weeks and months of the Trump administration drag on, Americans are more worried than ever about our democracy. Trump recently claimed that he has the absolute power to pardon himself. This is Trump saying that he can do anything, commit any crime and yet has to answer to no one. This is preposterous. He is not above the law.
     Trump continues to claim that the free press is the enemy of the people. Actually, it is the exact opposite. Just as we depend on the Ozaukee Press to report on the workings of the governments of all the small cities, villages and towns of Ozaukee County, we depend on the major newspapers and TV networks to keep a close eye on the workings of the federal government.
     Trump also continues to disrespect our allies. At the recent NATO summit he claimed that Germany was controlled by Russia. He has also shown disrespect towards Canada, Mexico and France. Trump just lies about all kinds of things. He has lied well over 3,000 times. So far.
     Then there is the Russian interference in the 2016 election. We now all know that it is an absolute fact that the Russian government interfered in many ways in the election with the purpose of helping Trump win the election. Imagine for a moment that Hillary Clinton had won the election, and it was subsequently revealed that the Russian government had helped her win. All those same people who support Trump would be screaming impeachment, demanding her removal from office and claiming that the election was illegitimate, and yet, inexplicably, they once again give Trump a pass. Even on an issue of this magnitude.
     When Special Counsel Robert Mueller releases his final report, it could find that Trump did collude with the Russians, or that he committed obstruction of justice, or both. But even if Trump is cleared, he is still doing a huge disservice to the American people by constantly casting doubt on the findings of our intelligence community. And he is telling Russia that it is OK to continue their meddling in the affairs of our country.
     Republican voters used to say of their candidates that character counts. This is certainly no longer the case. They can never again claim to be offended by a candidate’s marital infidelity or untruthfulness. They can never again even ask to see the tax returns of any presidential candidate of any party.
     Let us all hope that one day, when Trump is long gone, we return to the concepts of honesty and integrity. America’s future depends on it.
James Korthals



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