LETTER: Electric cars save money for owners while saving planet

To Ozaukee Press:

Why should more people be driving electric vehicles rather than those powered by gasoline and diesel fuel? Here are some reasons:

Electric cars do not have gasoline tanks, fan belts, radiators or noisy internal combustion engines. Electric cars do not need spark plugs, motor oil or the changing thereof, exhaust manifolds, oxygen sensors, catalytic converters, mufflers or exhaust pipes. Electric cars do not produce any exhaust; hence, no global-warming gases.

Average gasoline mileage for cars, according to a number of sources, is 23 miles per gallon. With gasoline prices at $5 per gallon, each miles costs 21 cents.

Each month I receive an email that provides diagnostic reports on my Chevrolet Bolt electric car based on total miles driven since last email report. The report I received in June showed that I saved the cost of 26 gallons of gasoline and my electric energy costs gave me the  equivalent of 130 miles per gallon. My per-mile energy cost was a mere 4 cents per mile.

Even though the initial cost of an electric vehicle is greater than the cost of a gasoline automobile, maintenance costs are very low, energy costs per mile are extremely low and exhaust levels are zero.

Cars that burn gasoline, on the other hand, have exhaust systems that release carbon dioxide, ground-level ozone and sulfur dioxide (which affects lung function and irritate eyes and other conditions) and three gases that are toxic—carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and nitrogen monoxide.

The journal Climatic Change published a study that calculated the “social cost of atmospheric release,” determining the costs of emissions beyond their market value. According to the study, accounting for the social costs of burning gasoline would add an average of $3.80 per gallon to the pump price. Diesel has an even higher social cost of $4.80 per gallon.

Why do I prefer driving an all-electric vehicle? I believe the statistics above speak for themselves and, at the same time, I don’t have to worry about our world running low on valuable natural resources or fighting wars to compete for fossil fuels.

Wayne Stroessner

Random Lake


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